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Club History
Paul Harris found himself in the crime-ridden city of Chicago in the early 1900s. Harris had lived in the New England area prior to his move to Chicago and found his new location quite different from that to which he had been accustomed.
Paul Harris soon found a friend whom he had much in common. The two men decided to lunch together on a regular basis. Soon, each man found other carefully chosen friends and business associates who were interested in meeting regularly.
A plan began to emerge. They would pack a lunch and meet at alternate offices on a rotational basis. Hence the name Rotary Club was born.
The concept has since developed into very definite guidelines, such as limited members from a given profession or line of business, thus enabling a free flow of varied ideas.
By the year 1910 there were 16 Rotary clubs, which linked up as an organization called the National Association of Rotary Clubs. Two years later the name was changed to the International Association of Rotary Clubs, as Rotary was organized in Winnipeg, Canada, and then in England, Ireland and Scotland. In 1922 the name was shortened to Rotary International.
In the mid 1970s three members of the Rotary Club of North Olmsted began talking about starting a club in North Ridgeville. Attorney Dan Stringer, CPA Chris Costin, and insurance agent Chuck Sword Sr. needed an existing club to act as a sponsor for the club in North Ridgeville, and asked their North Olmsted Club to help.
However, North Olmsted was in old Rotary District 330, while North Ridgeville was located in old Rotary District 331. Therefore, the three requested and received permission from Rotary International to have the new North Ridgeville Club released from District 331 since North Olmsted was located in District 330. Unfortunately, the North Olmsted Club was unsuccessful in getting the new club going.
A few years later, the North Ridgeville group was able to get then District Governor Jack Glick from the Lorain Club of District 331 to agree to help. He and members of the Elyria Club would be our sponsoring club. Jack Glick and Attorney Ray Mazella from the Elyria Club began to assist in forming the new club, and the Rotary Club of North Ridgeville was finally chartered on April 10, 1981.
Chuck Sword was the first President, with Jeff Brown, Chris Costin, Bob Kirkpatrick, Miklos Kis, Tom Klear, Dick Noll, Al Retay, and George Stokes as Charter Members who are still members of the club.
We have come full circle, from old District 330 to old District 331, and back to District 330 in 1994, which is now known as District 6630. Our club has a storied history in District 6630, even though we have only been a part of the District for the past twelve years. Not only are we the home club of Assistant District Governor Warren Blakely, but we are also one of the few "singing" clubs that remain in the District. Group singing, originating with Harry Ruggles who was the fifth man to join Paul Harris in the conversations that led to the formation of the first Rotary club, became a traditional part of each Rotary meeting early in Rotary's history. Our club was recognized at the 2003 District Conference of Clubs for our singing tradition.
In addition, our club has earned the A.Z. Baker Service Award, which is an award given in District 6630 only, every year since we have been a member of the district. The A.Z. Baker Award was established in 1978 at the recommendation of District Governor James P. Banks, and by action of the District Board of Trustees, to encourage a reaching out in total service and the "development of resources" on the part of all clubs in our District. This award honors our own "Mr. Rotary," A.Z. Baker, from the Rotary Club of Cleveland who served as Rotary International President in 1955-56. His dedication and commitment to Rotary truly exemplified Service Above Self and this award was designed to honor his memory by encouraging all clubs in the district to participate in each of the Four Avenues of Service.
Rotary Club of North Ridgeville Past Presidents
Charles Sword 1981 - 1982 
Ihor Suszko 1982 - 1983 
Allen Retay 1983 - 1984 
L. Jack Smith 1984 - 1985 
Robert Kurant 1985 - 1986 
Gary Cretney 1986 - 1987 
James Grigas 1987 - 1988 
Robert Lee 1988 - 1989 
Mark Haddox 1989 - 1990 
Doug Charboneau 1990 - 1991 
Bob Kirkpatrick 1991 - 1992 
Kurt Breunig 1992 - 1993 
David Gillock 1993 - 1994 
Warren Blakely 1994 - 1995 
Warren Blakely 1995 - 1996 
Doug Charboneau 1996 - 1997 
Joseph Martin 1997 - 1998 
Kerry S. Mueller 1998 - 1999
Peter Esposito 1999
Kerry S. Mueller 1999 - 2000
Casey O'Conor 2000 - 2001
Dennis Boose 2001 - 2002
Bob Liston 2002 - 2003
Dotty Alberto 2003 - 2004
Giles Norrington 2004 - 2005
Regis Holland 2005 - 2006
Patricia Blakely 2006-2007
Pietro Trunzo 2007-2008
Adam Sonnhalter 2008-2009
Shawn D. Mueller 2009-2010
Shawn D. Mueller 2010-2011
Adam Sonnhalter 2011-2012
Paul Graupmann 2012-2013
Traci Purdum 2013-2014
Mario Cipriano 2014-2015
Traci Purdum 2014-2015
Charter Members of the Rotary Club of North Ridgeville
(Current Members Highlighted)
Jeff Brown, Chris Costin, James Dresser, George Fundak, David Hintz, William Holley, James Hummel, Robert Kirkpatrick, Miklos Kis, Thomas Klear, David Longwell, James McVeigh, Richard Noll, Thomas Perez, John Rapolec, Edward Ratusz, Stephen Reiss, Allen Retay, George Stokes, Daniel Stringer, Ihor Suszko, Charles Sword, Russell Watson, Lynn Westphal, Douglas Wilbur, David Wood 
Honorary Members
Gayle Manning
Giles Norrington
Jack Young
Paul Harris Fellows
Dotty Alberto, Emil Bagi, Patricia Blakely, Warren Blakely, Dennis Boose, Chuck Bowman, Robert Bunsey, Douglas Charboneau, Eugene Eckenfels, Arthur Gibbs, Jr., David Gillock, Paul Graupmann, Regis Holland, Robert Kirkpatrick, Miklos Kis, Warren H. Knox, Sr., Robert Liston, Kerry S. Mueller *, Shawn D. Mueller, Richard Noll Giles,Norrington *, Casey O'Conor, Craig Phillips, Allen Retay, L. Jack Smith, Adam Sonnhalter,  George Stokes, Chuck Sword, Hyacinth Williams,                          
* Multiple Award Holders
Warren Blakely, Richard Backman, Giles Norrington